Enduring Powers Of Attorney

An Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA) is one of the most important documents you can sign and every adult would be well advised to have a current EPA.

If you lose capacity to look after yourself and to manage your affairs, either temporarily or permanently, through accident, age or illness, the power you give to your Attorney/s endures past that point in time. Once you lose your mental capacity, it is then too late to make or revoke an EPA.

Your appointed Attorney/s may have complete control over your assets and financial matters and may also have complete control over your personal, health and lifestyle decisions, including arranging medical treatment, care or accommodation. The power of a financial Attorney can begin immediately on signing the document or at some future time, whereas an Attorney appointed for personal and health matters can only act once you have lost capacity. An EPA ceases to have effect upon death and may be ended through Marriage, Divorce and other circumstances.

You should have implicit trust in the person/s you are appointing as Attorney/s and, if you have any reservations, you should not appoint them at all.